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Fall Quarter 2017 Begins in September

 Upcoming classes will be posted as they become available.







HIS 320/620 History of the Baptists

This is an introductory course into the study of Baptist History. It covers from New Testament times up to Baptists in America. This On-Line course will be offered in the Fall Quarter at John Leland Baptist. The instructor is Bro. Jim Duvall, M.A. John Leland offers a First Course Free to members of Baptist churches. For more information, contact the college at



TH 499 Seminar in Ecclesiology (Undergraduate Students) (4.5 Credit Hours)

TH 699 Seminar in Ecclesiology (Graduate Students) (4.5 Credit Hours)

Instructor: Bro. Mark W. Fenison B.A., Th.M., Ph.D. 

On-Line: Must have Windows 2010 or newer operating system.

Registration Deadline: December 27th. Please register today. To register simply contact the school via email.

Please Note: This is a required course for virtually all programs and degrees at Leland.

Course Description: This course is one of three different Seminars required for graduation in both the Religious Studies and Biblical Studies programs at Leland. Given the importance of the Lord’s Church, it is a must that Baptists have a correct understanding of the nature and work of the church which Jesus founded during his earthly ministry. This 15 week Seminar seeks to cover every possible aspect of and related to this Great Institution. This course not only explores the historical usage of the Greek term ekklesia in connection with the popular universal invisible concept of the church but will also cover such matters, to name a few, as The Great Commission, How to Constitute A Baptist Church, Qualifications of Pastor and Deacon, Church Discipline, Tithing, Worship, Church Music, Ordinations, Sunday School, Business Meetings, and more. Research papers are required to be written and formatted according to the guidelines of A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 8th Ed., by Kate L. Turabian. 


Note: Seminars are 15 weeks in length with all work to be submitted by the 16th week.