John Leland Baptist College

Welcome to the

    James R. Duvall Library

   John Leland  Baptist College

    Georgetown, KY

John Leland Baptist College is pleased to feature a growing collection of useful and necessary volumes relating to biblical studies. The vast majority of the books have been donated or purchased with contributions from the supporters of the college. We will soon provide search capabilities to this section of the website. 

The college wishes to thank Pastor Richard Reynolds of Rockford, Illinois for the largest donation of books to date. May the Lord bless him. 

We wish to thank the following people for their contributions and donations to the college library: 

Pastor James Duvall  

Chris and Janet Miller

Dr. Ken Johnson 

Pastor Doug Meadows

Bro. Joseph Jurzec

Marie Fazzini

Medford Caudill 

Jack Burkam   

Dr. Edwin Fountain

John Van Meter