John Leland Baptist College
A Word of Thanks 
The collge wishes to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to the development of our Library. Not only have thousands of dollars worth of books been given to the Library, thousands of hours of labor have been donated transfering books here and there and the tedious work of cataloging them. Without this help, we would not have the Library we do now. to have the Library we do now.
Financial contributions from supporting churches and individuals have allow us to purchase shelving and other furniture. Again, we sincerely appreciate and thank you all. cabinets. May the Lord richly bless you!
The college wishes to thank Pastor Richard Reynolds of Rockford, Illinois for the largest donation of books to date. 
Below are some of the names of those who have contributed in some form to the James R. Duvall Library.
Librarians and Helpers: 
Mary Sue Tuley
Mary Van Nunen
Alyssa Hunt
Patricia Suvanto
Betty Baldwin (Current Librarian)
Daniel Van Nunen  

 Pastor Richard Reynolds
Pastor James Duvall
Pastor Mark Williams  
Chris and Janet Miller
Brother Jason Grant
Brother Greg Ward
Dr. Ken Johnson 
Pastor Doug Meadows
Brother Joseph Jurzec
Sister Marie Fazzini
Pastor Medford Caudill 
Brother Jack Burkam   
Dr. Edwin Fountain
Brother John Van Meter
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 James R. Duvall Library