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Dear Students, Pastors and Churches,


   Our spring courses are about to begin. John Leland Baptist College is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church in Georgetown, Kentucky. God has blessed our state over the years with a love for the truth. It is our desire at JLBC to aide men and women in their service to the Lord and His kind of church. It is no secret that a profitable life in the ministry requires a grounded faith. It is also required that one’s mind is full of knowledge and a heart filled with desire and dedication for the truth. We would love to become a part of your church ministry. We are available to visit with your church and share our hearts desire in educating and training students in the way of the Lord. JLBC holds to sovereign grace and landmark principles. Call or email us and schedule a time for JLBC to spend with you and your church.

  JLBC has recently added new classroom and on-line classes. We also have a new Master’s program in Biblical Counseling this quarter!

Newly Added Graduate Degree:

  Fundaments of Biblical Counseling has been added to our On-Line classes and Bro Doug Meadows is the instructor. The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling program at John Leland Baptist College will prepare the student to provide within the context of the local church.

Newly Added On-Line Classes:

  Ecclesiology 1 has been added to our On-Line classes and Bro. Mark Fenison is the instructor. This course is designed to establish the true nature of the church by exploring the historical usage of the Greek term ekklesia in Classical Greek, the Septuagint, Apocrypha, and in the New Testament.

Newly Added Course On-Campus:

  Baptist Persecution has been added as an in-classroom course and will be added On-Line at a later date. Bro. Jeff King is the instructor. This class is to provide the student with a knowledge of how Baptist have been persecuted throughout the last 2000 years. Emphasis will be given to the persecutors and how they were structured to impose such harsh persecution. An exploration of the biblical text that prophesy both persecutors and the persecution will be discussed in detail

  We are still offering our “First Class Free” to any potential student in our fellowship.


Wm. Van Nunen

Academic Dean

John Leland Baptist College

Office: 502-316-8154

College Motto: "For Christ and the Church"

“Apply thine heart unto instruction and thine ears to the words of knowledge” (Proverbs 23.12)










John Leland Baptist College is offering “The First Course Free” to every member of every church in our Baptist fellowship!  

Enroll in any course and we will waive all fees and tuition!  Your first course at Leland will be free of charge; the only expense to you will be the cost of the textbook—and we will even buy back your textbook when the class is over should you not want to keep it.   

Our goal is simply to acquaint our sister churches with the learning opportunities at Leland. Here is your opportunity to see first-hand not only the quality of our classes but just how enriching a class can be to you as a Christian. We are so convinced of our program, we believe even one class will change your life.

We have on-campus and on-line classes to choose from. We are on the Quarter System which means that a class is ten weeks—although most on-line classes allow you up to fifteen weeks to complete. Request a copy of our course offerings or visit us at

God Calls Us to Learn

The Bible says “Wise men layeth up knowledge” (Prov. 10.14) and that for “the soul to be without knowledge, it is not good” (Prov. 19.2). The Scriptures also say that “knowledge” is to be regarded as something of greater value than “choice gold” (Prov. 8.10). Knowledge, of course, is the fundamental basis of all wisdom. There is no wisdom without knowledge; and, therefore, it is not surprising that the Scriptures place so high a premium on learning and knowledge! 

The Christian life is all about learning and knowledge. The more one knows, the more effective one will be—and that is the first and foremost message of the Book of Proverbs. The fool, on the other hand, despises knowledge and instruction. Our college “Theme Verse” is Proverbs 23.12 which says “Apply thine heart unto instruction and thine ears to the words of knowledge.” This is just one of numerous verses where God directly admonishes his people to be as learned and educated as their own individual abilities allow.            

Sadly, however, most Christians give little heed to such admonitions, and our preachers do little to encourage our young people in such pursuits. The Bible says that “The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge” (Prov. 18.15). If anyone should be acquainted with learning and knowledge, it should be the Christian and especially the man of God. Knowledge is difficult to acquire which may explain why so few pursue it; but the Lord’s churches deserve to have Pastors, Sunday School teachers, and other leaders who not only love Him and are godly but who are trained and educated. Jesus set the precedent for formal training when he selected twelve men whom he personally taught for three years. This is where John Leland Baptist College comes in. 

How to Enroll in a Course

Anyone interested in trying a class should contact the college by phone at 502-316-8154 or email us at giving us the class they wish to take along with their name, address, and phone number.