John Leland Baptist College
On-Line Studies and Programs at Leland
At present John Leland Baptist College does not have any fully developed programs for on-line students. While we offer an ever increasing number of courses on-line and via correspondence many of the most important courses we offer have not yet been developed for on-line studies. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee as of this Bulletin that the necessary classes needed to complete a particular degree will be offered within a given amount of time.

However, the college is willing to work with out-of-state and on-line students who are interested in pursuing a degree. In such cases it may be possible for a student to take a specific course through some other approved college or university.

Hence, it is not impossible for on-line students to graduate from Leland; we have had on-line students to graduate in the past, but in such cases they had already earned numerous credit hours at other institutions. 

For further information concerning your own personal degree goals and the possibilty of earning a degree on-line from Leland, please contact the Dean.