The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies is essentially a two-year academic degree designed with considerable flexibility to allow students to develop a program that fits their individual interests. As long as all the requirements are met, a student is free to take courses in the field or fields that interest them most. For example, a student can chose to major in Biblical Languages, Theology, Church History, or Biblical Counseling to name a few.
Admission Requirements
To be admitted to the Master of Arts program in Biblical Studies one must have Bachelors's of Arts degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning. While an undergraduate major in Biblical Studies is not necessary, a solid foundation in the area of the Humanities is a must. The Humanites take in fields of study such as history, languages, literature, philosphy, and religious studies. A student may be required to make up any deficiencies necessary by the Academic Dean. See Program Requirements below for more informations.  
Program  Requirements
1. The Master of Arts requires the successful completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work; half of these hours must be taken at the 600 level or be courses in Greek, Hebrew, or Latin.
2. Students applying to the Graduate School with a bachelor's degree in a field outside of Biblical Studies, will be required make up what would consist of an undergraduate minor of at least eighteen (18) semester hours in Biblical Studies; six (6) of these hours must be in Greek. This would bring the total hours to forty-eight (48).
3. While a student may be admitted to the program to begin his or her graduate studies, all deficiencies, as deemed necessary by the Dean, will need to be made up before graduation.
4. In addition to the requirements above, all students must complete the seven (7) hours of “Readings and Reflections.” Students who fulfilled these hours as an undergraduate student are exempt.
5. At the completion of all course work, the student must take a pass/fail examination over the basic subject matter of his or her program.
6. A Master's Thesis is not required. However, with faculty approval, a student may chose to write a thesis in place of six hours of classroom work.