John Leland Baptist College
The Associate of Arts degree in Biblical General Studies requires a minimum of 64 semester hours of classroom work. The requirements are as follows:
All students pursuing the Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies must complete a minimum of 21-24 semester hours of General Education courses. These “core” courses provide a broad academic base for the study of the Bible. While the needs of each student will be evaluated separately, generally the student is free to pick 12-15 hours from courses marked AR, BS, ENG, HIS, LIT, MA, SC, AR, PH, PS, and MU. For a list of the requiredand elective general education classes please contact the Academic Dean.
In addition to the General Education courses above, students pursuing an Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies are required to complete 45-48 hours in courses designated by the letters OT, NT, TH, GK, HEB, GEO, or other courses related to Biblical Studies. A certain number of specific course are required; some of these will be determined by the student's background and need. For more information please contact the Academic Dean.
PLEASE NOTE: While this degree is specifically in Biblical Studies, it is possible for a student to develop a "Major Focus" in a field of special interest to the student such as Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Languages, Theology, etc. For more information, please contact the Academic Dean.   
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