The college may at some point seek formal accreditation, but we believe it is not necessary at this time. In the meantime, any student planning to go to a university Graduate School or Seminary should know that acceptance is based more on grade point average (GPA) and acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) than anything else. Few Graduate Schools would be unwilling to consider our bachelor’s degree if the student has properly prepared him or herself for graduate studies as evidenced by their personal GPA and GRE scores. 
On the other hand, be advised that rarely will an accredited secular college accept individual credits from an unaccredited institution. Some accredited Christian colleges will transfer courses of equal value from unaccredited schools when it can be shown that classes were taken under qualified instructors.
Furthermore, concerning employment for non-ministerial students, few if any employers would not recognize our Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree as equal to one from an accredited college. In many cases, it might be held in higher esteem—especially where a position requires a person of high integrity.