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Classes Begin Again January 8th. 



Please note that after ten years of offering On-Campus classes on a Quarter Hour System, we are returning to the Semester Hour System for all courses. This will officially take effect in January 2018. As we announced in the beginning of the school year, we are making a large number of changes to our curriculum. Because of these changes, we are offering a limited number of classes this term. Our new catalog will be out soon detailing these changes. I for one am truly excited about the changes we’re making. We were already convinced that our graduates were receiving a good education, but under the new curriculum our students will receive an education that exceeds anything you will find at another Bible College or Seminary.


Let me pause for a moment and thank God for the great faculty He is bringing together here at John Leland Baptist. If you are an ordained Baptist pastor within our Grace-Landmark Baptist fellowship and believe that you have something you could add as a faculty member overseeing an On-Line class, please contact me at

Contrary to many Christian schools, John Leland Baptist College has never been a college that reflects the beliefs of its founder or a single man. We believe that no one in our fellowship has a complete and accurate knowledge of all the Scriptures, nor does anyone in our fellowship possess all the gifts of the Holy Spirit—only Jesus did! And so, as it pertains to these things, we value a diverse faculty. While we have great respect for all the ordained brethren, especially those who have been around the block a few times, Baptists have no Pope nor Bishops—even though some try to be. In the spirit of Christ, we believe we all have something to share and learn from each other to edify and advance the cause of Christ.  


Let me call your attention to the Baptist History course taught by Bro. James Duvall. This is the first time this course has been offered On-Line, and it is taught by one of our most distinguished professors, Bro. James Duvall. Along with his study at the University of Kentucky and Lexington Baptist College, Bro. Jim, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and English from Campbellsville University and a Master of Arts degree in History from Austin Peay State University. Bro. Duvall has spent decades as a church and conference speaker presenting our Baptist heritage to thousands of people across our nation.  His professional teaching career includes Kentucky Mountains Baptist College, Clarksville Baptist College, Temple Baptist College, and Northern Kentucky University; he has been teaching at John Leland Baptist College since 2004. In addition, Bro. Duvall also oversees one of the largest and best known websites for Baptist History anywhere, called “The Baptist History Homepage.” Scholars all over the world are making use of this website: . For more information on these and other classes, please see the Course Schedule   


John Leland Baptist College is all about learning to better prepare ourselves to serve Christ and advance the cause of his Church. The Bible says that “fools hate knowledge” (Prov. 1.22) and that “Instruction” and “knowledge” are to be chosen above silver and choice gold (Prov. 8.10). We could quote dozens more; however, one would think that with all these “Divine” pronouncements in favor of education, Baptist people, who are known for being “people of the Book,” would put a higher premium on learning. However, by diminishing the pursuit of knowledge, we are showing our disdain for one third of the “First and Great Commandment.” Jesus said “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matt. 22.37). Tragically, I’m finding more and more preachers and pastors who have virtually no appreciation for this “aspect” of loving God. We love God with “all our minds” by applying our minds not only to the study of his Word but to the study of the entire creation and history of civilization. The hand of the Lord is seen virtually everywhere from human and animal biology to math and physics to history, geography, and music—to name a few; anything our infinite God has had a part in is worthy of our investigation and study. In fact, the study of his creation and work among men is one of the chief ways to honor and glorify the Lord!  May God help us all to love Him more with all our hearts, and with all our souls, and with all our minds!


In Christ, 

Wm. Van Nunen

Academic Dean

John Leland Baptist College

Office: 502-316-8154

College Motto: "For Christ and the Church"

College Theme Verse: “Apply thine heart unto instruction and thine ears to the words of knowledge.” (Proverbs 23.12)